Last updated: Monday, 31 October 2011

How to send an alert


1.       Select the Compose tab.

2.       Select New Alert action icon.

3.       On the New Alert popup dialog select all items. Select OK.

4.       If required change the priority be selecting the Priority icon. The default is Urgent ( ) Select the icon to toggle the priority to Normal .().

5.       If required provide a subject line (also used as the popup up toast from the tray alert). Click on the text  “No Subject Line”.

6.       If required change the sender of the alert. Select the down arrow next to the drop down

7.       If required insert a Message Template.

a.        From the top row of compose toolbox select the second icon from the left.

b.      From the Template drop down list select the template.

c.       Select Insert

8.       Replace the default text” {Message}” or “Enter the Message Details.”

9.       From the Add Recipient action icon () from the top right hand corner.

10.   In the Add Recipient(s) dialog to add a single account or all members of a corporate (Active Directory) group do the following:

a.       In the Id field enter the login id, email address, sip uri or display name of an account or the Id, email address or display name of a corporate group.

b.      Select Add

11.   In the Add Recipient(s) dialog to add a number of accounts or corporate groups in bulk do the following:

a.       Select Browse

b.      Select the name of a text file. The text file should contain one id per line. The id can be for an account or a group. The id can be the login id, email address, sip uri or display name.

12.   On the Add Recipient(s) dialog select OK.

13.   From the top right hand corner select Send ().

14.   The progress will appear in the status bar at the bottom.

15.   Once complete select the Results tab.