Last updated: Monday, 31 October 2011

The User Interface


The Screen Area

The screen area of IMAlertsStudioWebAccess can be broken down in to the following areas.

·         Tabs Area

·         Priority Area

·         Subject Area

·         Sender Area

·         Recipients Area

·         Compose Toolbar Area

·         Compose Note Area

·         Activity Area

·         Action Area

Tabs Area

IMAlertsStuido has 3 main tabs:

·         Compose

·         Results

·         Help

Priority Area

The priority of an alert by default is Urgent (). To change the priority to () click once on the Priority Area. To toggle back select the Priority Area again.

Subject Area

By default an alert has no Subject Line. The Subject Line is display in the taskbar popup balloon (known as a Toast) and once the alert is opened in a conversation window in the title bar. To set a new Subject Line for the alert click in the Subject Area for input text entry box to appear.

Sender Area

By default the message will appear from the Sender that first appears in the Sender Area. Select the down arrow () to the right of the currently select Sender to see the candidate list of senders assigned to you by your Administrator. Your Administrator may grant the ability to send as yourself, another person or a role based account.

Recipients Area

By default the recipient area is blank. Select the Add Recipient () action icon to add recipients from the Corporate (Active Directory) or from a text file. Each account will be listed with one account per line.

Compose Toolbar Area

There are many formatting icons used to change the message in the Compose Note Area. Many will be familiar like Bold, Italics and Underline, Change Font Color. For most alerts select Insert Template (), the second icon in the top row. From here a list of message templates appears. After selecting and selecting Insert a template will be inserted in to the Compose Note Area.

Compose Note Area

The Compose Note Area contains the message text. The default text “Enter the message details” must be replaced. This text can be replaced with a simple text message and edited using the icons in the Compose Toolbar Area; for example to underline, to change color or to font. . For most alerts select Insert Template (), the second icon in the top row. Most templates are around 50KB (kilobytes) which is the limit of a message imposed by Microsoft on Instant Messages.

Activity Area

The Activity Area by default will show the total number of recipients, the number of recipients just added.  Once a send is underway a progress bar will appear. Once a send is over a short summary of the outcome will appear.

Action Area

The Action Area contains 5 icons by default: New Alert, Add Recipients, Send, Troubleshooting Information and Add-To-Favorites ()

Results Area